Let's Just Chill

by Kai V Music

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Produced by Esta and J-bird


girl look at you over there so fly
really digging you and i cant deny
i wanna be with a girl that i can really feel
so what you say shawty? lets just chill

[verse 1]
hey little shawty, i like your size
lemme tie your shoes so you dont fall for other guys
forget about a present you can be my prize
butterflies through my stomach when i get the high fives
i dream about the days that i could take you away
but first i need to find the right words to say
its just me and you hope we can get along
listen to the same song as our love grows strong
if you look in my eyes you know this love aint fake
down for two months got our own handshake
so dang beautiful in that hollister coat
the expression in this song is like my hearts love note
always there for you all you gotta do is dial
best part of my day is when i see you smile
but its all about you so whats the deal?
can i tell you something girl? lets just chill


[verse 2]
now when our eyes first locked it was you that i attracted
got me twisted daydreaming feeling distracted
amazed now im sitting deeply contemplating
now im thinking about you daily girl deeply concentrating
baby girl to me youre so amazing
take you all over asia while were dating
lets just chill baby dont keep me waiting
jealous dudes just sit back and start hating
we could travel to japan spend a million milli
kick it in vietnam to korea feel me
off to the home town where the family show me love
take you away to a special place in cambodia
let me tell you one thing i got time to kill
ima tell you from the heart and im being for real
i truly love you girl this is how i really feel
so what you say baby girl? lets just chill


released May 8, 2012



all rights reserved


Kai V Music Ypsilanti, Michigan

Just that dude doing music for the love.

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